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#8. 2 ODD BIRDS 


Sara Rockburn, Owner and Jewelry Designer, Mom of one in Olmsted Falls


With a degree from the Columbus College of Art & Design, Sara Rockburn was skittish about returning to her career in retail fashion merchandising after an injury and secured a desk job.

I missed the creative outlet and began making jewelry for myself,” she says. “After getting stopped at grocery stores and work by people asking where to get it or even purchase it from me on the spot, I started making it for friends and family, and it grew from there. My husband – an avid backpacker who shares my appreciation for nature – saw a light in me shine, and, to support that, surprised me with tools, giving me the extra push that I needed.


Sourced from Mother Nature, 2 ODD BIRDS is a culmination of artist Sara Rockburn’s passion to create unique, nature-inspired jewelry. She handpicks each natural stone, researching and sourcing them from gem dealers to start her process, and creates collections based on each one’s unique color and properties, which she details on her blog. Complementing each piece with brass that has been through an oxidization process gives an aged and weathered appeal, as if the stones were dug from the ground. 

She started her jewelry business in 2014 while working full time and continued with shows, but the birth of her daughter in 2016 changed everything. This year, she took the leap to make jewelry full time and couldn’t be happier.


Bohemian style with an edge, her collections include Night Sky featuring labradorite crystal, Into the Forest featuring moss agate, Into the Light featuring clear quartz crystal, Urban Decay, May Flowered Jasper, Textured Texture, Ocean Jasper, Midnight Moods, Sprout and a Serpentine Collection.

Pieces include various stud, drop and hoop earrings; short, mid-length and long necklaces, including a statement collar with teardrop labradorite stone on one side and crescent/goddess moon or star on the other, and an oxidized brass branch necklace with red creek Jasper or vintage green stone; as well as some bracelets.

My daughter, Indigo, loves art and hangs out with me in the studio where we make jewelry together,” Rockburn says. “She is always stealing my stones and loves to draw and sign pictures for my orders. Customers enjoy receiving them in the packaging and share feedback on how they brighten their day.” She notes how these personal touches differentiate small businesses like hers.

For my Night Sky collection, my daughter drew stars and moons. A lady who never had any children, and whose family just moved away, followed up to express appreciation for the heartwarming memories it brought back for her. I enjoy these little moments and the connections I make with people as a small business owner.”  

My grandmother calls me an ‘Odd Bird’,” she adds. “I’m not sure she means it as a compliment, but that’s how I take it, and the number two in my business name is a nod to all the people I work with who make my pieces possible. I could never do this all on my own.” 

Her jewelry can be purchased online at, at Tart Boutique in Rocky River and at Pretty Things Salon in Cleveland. Shipping and local pickup are available.


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