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Rose quartz

Rose quartz Due to its calming rosy pink color,  rose quartz has enjoyed enduring popularity throughout the centuries. Often referred to as a ‘love stone’, rose quartz is said to bring unconditional love, in any form, to those who own it; whether that be through family, friends or romance. Similarly, it is a centrepiece of feng shui as a healing stone for rocky romances or bad breakups. Rose quartz is also renowned as a stone of peace, and consequently it is reputed by many users to ease worry and stress. The soft, dream-like haze of this gem’s translucent surface reflects its soothing nature, which enables it to alleviate negative feelings. Its dreamy aesthetic also hints at another of its many powers; the...

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Cherry Blossom Agate

Cherry Blossom Agate Chakra: Heart In the world of agates, the cherry blossom variety occupies a central place. Fascinating and potent, this stone is found in Madagascar. Cherry Blossom agate is a plume agate that features elaborate inclusions that give the stone its outstanding aesthetics. Like all other flower agates, cherry blossoms too feature 3 dimensional plumes, as opposed to other plume agates that only have 2D ones. Cherry Blossom agates in particular feature floral plumes that closely resemble the gorgeous cherry blossom flower which is what this stone is named after. The Stunning Aesthetics of a Cherry Blossom Agate Cherry Blossom Agate is the kind of stone you see and fall in love with instantly. A relatively new discovery and addition...

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You Need Labradorite If... If your life has been feeling dull or you’ve been feeling stuck, the flashes of light within a Labradorite crystal hold the perfect energy to bring the magic back into your life and bring new possibilities your way. An Introduction to Labradorite Crystal Healing Properties The Labradorite crystal properties remind us to keep it magical by linking us to the spirit world, a dimension where anything is possible. Other stones keep us anchored to the earth with their powerful grounding effects while Labradorite encourages us to keep our head in the clouds. Your Labradorite crystal stone inspires you to reach for the stars in your quest for a higher consciousness. It bridges the gap between the heavens...

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