..:Through the Mist:..

October 2022
Dendritic Agate encourages perseverance, patience, and a strong force that deepens our own connection to the Earth.  Originating from a Greek word meaning tree-like. These Agates are usually white or gray and have tree/branch like inclusions of iron or manganese, called dendrites. By allowing these stones in your collection they can stimulate a peacefulness in your life.
When I look at these unique stones, it reminds me of a foggy October morning.  Trying to see through the mist of uncertainty, I remind myself to have patience.  I know if I persevere, the fog will lift to reveal the most beautiful sight. 
Allow the fog to open your mind up and imagine what could be beyond the mist.
I wanted to also include the Hamsa Hand symbol.  This symbol stands for many things but most of all hope and protection.  When we are in those foggy spots in our life a little protection and guidance is always welcomed.  

With patience, perseverance, and hope, you can push through the mist.