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Moss Opal / Dendritic Opal

Gem-lovers may come across the term “dendritic” in a few gemstone varieties. One such gemstone is dendritic opal, a type of opal with a milky, opalescent sheen and dark inclusions that form stunning fern-like patterns across the stone’s surface.  These inclusion patterns have also led to the alternate names “moss opal” or “mossy opal.”  What is a dendritic gemstone? Biologists know dendrites as the branching ends of nerve cells that communicate with other dendrites along synapses to pass messages through the body. Gemologists use the word “dendrites” to refer to tree-like markings on a gemstone or rock. When an opal or any gemstone displays tree-like inclusion patterns, gemologists call it a “dendritic” variety of that stone. In the spiritual community, dendritic opals hold...

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