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How to care for 2 ODD BIRDS Jewelry

I love the look of aged brass!  If you weren't sure, brass is a combination of copper and zinc and it will naturally tarnish over time, but did you know that all metals will eventually tarnish with normal wear? For 2 ODD BIRDS I like the look of pieces that have been lived in. So most jewelry has been through a patina/oxidization process to speed up the aging process, giving that worn-in look. The metal is then sealed to preserve the color, this beautiful color.  After time and exposure to daily wear and skin oils, this sealant will naturally start to wear off.  

To keep your jewelry in its original state for as long as possible, gently wipe with a soft cloth (a jewelry polishing cloth is preferred), or clean with a gentle soap and water then dry immediately.  No chemical jewelry cleaning solution or ultrasonic cleaner should be used, as this could remove the patina or harm a stone.

To help your jewelry look its best and last a long time, take it off before you go to bed, especially before:

  • swimming - harsh chemicals will cause damage to any jewelry and can slowly erode the brass finish and the polish on the stones. If you do accidentally wear it in the pool run it under water with a gentle soap and dry immediately.
  • bathing - keeping your jewelry wet for a long period of time can soften the sealant and cause it to be removed sooner than wished.  Please pat dry immediately if your piece becomes wet. 
  • exercising - It is only natural for our body oils to get on to our jewelry but if we can avoid extreme exposure we should.  Sweat will enhance the patina/oxidization process which will speed up the aging process.  If you happen to be out on a hot day, no worries! When you get home just wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry off. 

Storing your jewelry is also important. Exposure to humid areas (storing in a bathroom) will remove the sealant and your piece will start to age even faster.  Storing jewelry in a dry place like hanging on a wall, or on/in a jewelry organizer is great.  

If you have purchased one of the few raw brass pieces (these are labeled as such because it is rare) it will naturally patina over time. If this is not to your taste, you may restore shine with Worchestershire sauce! Dip the piece into the sauce for a minute, then thoroughly rinse in water. The acidity of the sauce will help remove tarnish. You can also maintain the finish of your raw brass jewelry by following the same jewelry care instructions above.

Natural stones will slowly accumulate body oils and become dirty. Use a gentle soap and water to wash them gently with your fingers. Do not use a polishing cloth on the surface of stones.

Leather should also follow the same rules as above and not be exposed to water or chemicals. To clean leather you can wipe with a damp cloth or use a leather oil.  The best part with any leather piece is they look better the more you wear them. 

Key take aways:

  • Keep your jewelry dry
  • Give it a good wipe down
  • Jewelry is the last thing on and the first thing you take off
  • Store in a dry place 


Please reach out if you have any issue or questions about how to care for your jewelry. 

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