GOLDEN Collection: Shine Bright with Tiger's Eye and Green Aventurine

Meet the GOLDEN Collection! This new line combines the bold energy of Tiger's Eye with the soothing vibes of Green Aventurine, all inspired by the sun’s warmth and light.

Tiger's Eye: Boost Your Confidence

Tiger's Eye, with its golden shimmer, is your go-to for boosting confidence and courage. It helps clear your mind and gives you the strength to tackle challenges head-on. Think of it as your personal power booster!

Green Aventurine: Bring in the Good Luck

Green Aventurine is all about attracting good luck and prosperity. Its calming green tones help you stay positive and open up to new opportunities. Plus, it’s great for emotional healing, making you feel more compassionate and hopeful.

Perfect Pair: Tiger's Eye and Green Aventurine

Together, these stones create a powerful balance. Tiger's Eye’s confidence blends perfectly with Green Aventurine’s good luck, giving you a holistic boost in life. They’re like the ultimate power couple!

Sun-Inspired Designs

This collection is all about capturing the sun’s energy.  I’ve incorporated sunbursts and solar rays into the designs, creating pieces that shimmer and shine just like the sun. These elements not only look stunning but also symbolize vitality and renewal.

Must-Have Pieces
  • Sun Burst Necklace: A bold Tiger's Eye stone surrounded by Green Aventurine rays, perfect for adding a touch of courage and luck to your day.
  • Solar Ray Bracelet: A beautiful mix of Tiger's Eye and Green Aventurine beads, accented with sunburst charms for a continuous loop of positive energy and a magnetic closure.
  • Solar Ray Earrings: Drop earrings with alternating stones, capturing the harmony of confidence and tranquility with every movement.

Embrace the vibrant energy of summer with the GOLDEN Collection. Each piece is designed to bring out your inner light and fill your life with courage, luck, and the endless warmth of the sun.