Recyclable materials

2 ODD BIRDS draws inspiration from the beauty of Mother Nature but is also very conscious of the environmental impact packaging can take on our environment.  Through my choices of all recyclable packaging materials I hope to inspire you to not only love and appreciate Mother Nature but to carry forward the message of sustainability.  

  • Jewelry Tags: Every tag attached to 2 ODD BIRDS jewelry is crafted from eco-friendly Kraft paper, ensuring that even the smallest details matter to sustainability and are recyclable. 
  • Acid-Free Tissue Paper: To protect each piece while maintaining an eco-conscious approach, I use acid-free tissue paper.  This choice helps in reducing the production of harmful chemicals and is also biodegradable and recyclable. 
  • Boxes/Bags with Twine:  This packaging is just as important as what's inside.  2 ODD BIRDS uses Kraft boxes that not only look adorable but also continue to reducing waste.  This packaging can be recycled time and time again. 
  • Shipping Boxes: Understanding the impact of shipping materials on the environment, I try to make as little of a foot print as possible.  I choose small cardboard boxes that are made of recyclable corrugated cardboard.  After removing the shipping stickers these too can be recycled.
I hope as you adorn yourself with 2 ODD BIRDS jewelry, you can also carry forward the messages of sustainability.  Plus how awesome is it that we get to wear a little piece of Mother Nature while reducing waste!



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